Don Callejon


Don Callejon was a teacher for two years and then served in various Santa Clara Unified School District administration positions for another 34 years, followed by six years on the SCUSD Board of Education. Like many ex-politicians and bureaucrats in Santa Clara, the thought of a city subsidized 49ers stadium has excited him enough for him to become involved in the San Francisco 49ers front group, Santa Clarans for Economic Progress. He has taken a leadership role in the group, being a co-signer, along with Pat Kolstad and Aldyh Parle, of a ballot initiative for a new San Francisco 49ers stadium. After the creation of the ballot initiative the city council canceled their ballot measure. The advantage of a ballot initiative for stadium advocates is that it can be written as an advocacy piece (overstating positives and ignoring negatives), and is not subject to legal challenges due to negative environmental impacts.