Santa Clara San Francisco 49ers Stadium Term Sheet (non-binding)

Full Term Sheet presentation as pdf file.

Exhibit 14

Stadium Construction Financing
49er Stadium Term Sheet
Santa Clara, CA


I.Stadium Capital Cost1$900
II. Funding Sources for Stadium
Stadium Authority$330
Naming Rights, Ticket Surcharge Financing, Stadium Builders Licenses,
Corporate Founding Partners,
Concessionaire Equity , Pouring Rights
Redevelopment Agency
Bonds and cash$28 --|
   | Principal repaid
   | with 2nd Team in Stadium
49er Advance to RDA$12

Development Fees by RDA$2

(50% of Utility/Enterprise Fund fees)2$42
CFD (Hotel Mello)
Team Advance to CFD$20
Team / NFL (funds balance)$493

Total Funding Sources$900 1 
III.Related Costs
Substation Relocation$20
Parking Garage (40% allocable share)3$17

IV.Total Including Related Costs$937

  1. Includes development fees. Not including substation relocation or allocable share of parking garage.
  2. $4 M total development fee estimate consists of approximately 85% utility and enterprise fund items 50% of which are to be funded by the RDA and 50% by the Team. The balance of the development fees are City General Fund items to be forgone by the City (not collected) consistent with the City's policy for public buildings.
  3. Based on 700 of 1,700 spaces allocable to project.

Prepared by Keyser Marston Associates, Inc.
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