Can you spot the location of the new San Francisco Forty Niners Santa Clara Stadium Site?

Aerial (overhead) View of Santa Clara San Francisco 49ers stadium site Aerial picture with the Great America overflow parking in the upper right - the location of the proposed new
Santa Clara San Francisco 49ers stadium.
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49ers Santa Clara Stadium site overhead closeup view Overhead closeup view of the new San Francisco Forty Niners Santa Clara stadium site.
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What is the Address of the new San Francisco 49ers stadium in Santa Clara?

There is no formal address for the stadium location at this point. It is at the south side of Tasman Drive at Centennial Boulevard. Addresses close to the stadium site are:

The stadium address should be an even number less than 2799 and greater than 2221, on Tasman Drive. It appears that Centennial Boulevard, the small off-street that is on the east side of the overflow parking lot that will be the stadium site, will be going away. Models appear to show the stadium covering what is now Centennial Boulevard.

Will there be any Residential or Commercial construction with Santa Clara Stadium Project?

No, the Santa Clara stadium project only includes a football stadium. And as overhead views show, the stadium will occupy just about every inch of the overflow paring lot that is being used for the stadium. However, former San Francisco 49er Joe Montana has teamed with two individuals (one is the former owner of the 49ers who gave it to his sister in 2000 due to criminal prosecution and intra-family lawsuits) and they are planning to construct a hotel near the stadium on city-leased land. This project could be considered a result of the stadium construction.

Proposed Santa Clara 49ers Stadium Location

The stadium site is pictured in Exhibit A of the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA). 10,272 parking spaces have been identified. It is estimated that a minimum of 21,000 are needed.

The Stadium Five wants to cram a 14 acre stadium onto a 17 acre lot next to residential neighborhoods. Where is the parking? They plan to ask local businesses to allow them to use their parking. And the operative word is "plan". There have been no talks with any local companies to see if they would be interested in renting out their parking lots for stadium events. Note that the only commercial lot near the stadium is Great America. Great America has caved and will now close on game day giving the stadium 6,421 spots. But there are still over 10,000 parking spots unidentified. They cannot put any parking to the immediate south of the stadium - because that is all residential. The Stadium Five is proposing to put a 68,500 seat stadium right next to where people live!! It isn't hard to figure out that none of the Stadium Five lives anywhere near those neighborhoods! To the north of the stadium is a golf course. To the east is soccer fields and the 49ers practice facility, followed by more residential neighborhoods. That leaves commercial sites to the west as the best bet for parking and they are blocks away. Yahoo has just bought up a large block of land in that area and wants to turn it into a campus. They have a guard shack on some of their buildings in Sunnyvale, making access restricted. Will Yahoo allow football stadium parking on their campus in Santa Clara? Not likely. Can 68,500 people get into and out of this stadium in a timely fashion via parking lot shuttles, VTA light rail and Capital Corridor/Ace trains (Amtrak goes by nearby train station but does not stop)? Not likely.

Proposed Santa Clara San Francisco 49ers stadium site map

49ers Santa Clara stadium site map

Many Parking spots missing for Forty Niners Stadium and right next to a Residential Neighborhood

The Santa Clara stadium energizer bunny Kevin Moore has defiantly and triumphantly proclaimed at city council meetings that there will be plenty of parking. However, no companies have even been contacted by the city regarding parking for tens of thousands of rowdy 49ers fans on Sundays. There isn't even any potential parking close to the stadium (outside of Great America which has now caved and will now close on gamedays to allow their parking lot to be used for the stadium). But they are still over 10,000 spaces short in the stadium area. Are they planning on getting tens of thousands of people in and out of the stadium using shuttle buses?

Santa Clara 49ers stadium site

Santa Clara 49ers Stadium Site - 14 acre structure on a 17 acre Lot

A mockup of the proposed stadium shows the lack of parking. To the immediate east of the stadium site is youth soccer fields and the 49ers practice facility. To the north is a golf course and to the south is a housing development. To the west is Great America Amusement Park and the Hilton Hotel. Where is the parking for the stadium going to be? The city, by their own admission, has not talked to a single company about using their company parking for stadium parking on Sundays. And this is company parking that will be blocks away from the Stadium.

Santa Clara 49ers stadium mockup

49ers Santa Clara stadium on the site

The overflow parking lot the Santa Clara Stadium Five doesn't live by

For stadium area residents there's Good News and Bad News

police checkpoint

The residents next to the stadium site have good news from the city of Santa Clara - police checkpoints will prevent stadium goers from parking in their neighborhood. These checkpoints will also offer them an excellent opportunity to get to know some of the 160 area law enforcement personnel who will be necessary to control stadium events. But they also have some bad news from the city of Santa Clara. Police checkpoints will prevent friends and relatives from visiting while stadium events are taking place. The city of Santa Clara has refused the requests of these neighborhoods to grant parking passes for visitors. Is it necessary to mention that none of the Stadium Five live anywhere near the stadium site? Nor, of course, do the ex-politicians who are also shilling for the 49ers like Pat Kolstad and Lisa Gillmor.

A stadium area resident speaks to the Santa Clara city council about police checkpoints and restricted access to his neighborhood during stadium events

Pro and Con on Santa Clara Measure J find agreement - it's gonna be noisy and traffic will be bad.

Location, Location and Location - the three most important things in Real Estate

One of the revenue sources for the City of Santa Clara's General Fund is property taxes. When a Santa Clara resident pays property taxes $10.20 of every $100 paid goes to the City of Santa Clara General Fund. The higher property values are the more the city receives. What happens to property values when a stadium comes to the neighborhood? It isn't mentioned by the 49ers or their front group, but there are residential neighborhoods right near where the 49ers (and likely the Raiders as well) will play. And most people probably assume that the Stadium Five would not place an NFL stadium next to residential neighborhoods. But the Stadium Five are not championing a stadium because it will be good for the city or will not negatively impact residential neighborhoods. They were given a presentation by city staff that showed the city's General Fund would lose $67 million from a stadium. They still voted for it. The city and its people are less important than their relationship with the San Francisco 49ers and their legacy:

"This $1 billion construction project would be the largest this valley has ever seen."
Jamie Matthews and Patricia Mahan in a San Jose Mercury News editorial page article on April, 16th, 2010.

"This site, we believe, would give the fans a great game-day experience and that's what it's all about: doing what's best for the 49ers and doing what's best for the fans."
Patricia Mahan in a 6/19/2007 Mercury News article that showed her courting NFL and 49ers brass.

traffic jam Are people more likely or less likely to buy a house near an NFL football stadium? What will potential buyers think when they are out with their real estate agent and they are told - "We'd better not look at houses in northern Santa Clara today because the 49ers are playing and we will get caught in a terrible traffic jam." Will driving by a big looming stadium make a potential buyer feel like they've found their neighborhood? It is highly probably a football stadium will suppress property values in the area, resulting in less property tax money for the city's General Fund and the city's school system than if no stadium is built. It is 100% certain that none of the Stadium Five lives anywhere near the proposed San Francisco 49ers NFL stadium site. A stadium that according to Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News, needs the Raiders in order for the San Francisco 49ers to pay the bills. Two football teams mean that 20 consecutive Sunday afternoons from August through December will bless the neighborhood with the arrival of 68,500 fanatical football fans.

With the city's General Fund currently bleeding red ink ( $13.5 million for fiscal 2009-2010 ), and projected to lose even more next year, losing property tax revenue from an NFL stadium is contraindicated. Especially in light of the $67 million loss the general fund will already take from a one-team stadium ($31 million loss with the 49ers and Raiders) and the city projecting deficits for the next five years.

proposed 49ers stadium ground level view Coming soon to a Santa Clara residential neighborhood near you.