Aldyth Parle


Aldyth Parle was a Santa Clara city council member from November 1996 to November 2004. She was one of a band of politicians, ex-politicians and bureaucrats who have created a San Francisco 49ers front group, Santa Clarans for Economic Progress, to get an initiative passed to allow the building of a publicly subsidized football stadium in Santa Clara for the San Francisco 49ers. She was one of the three co-signers to the letter delivered to the City Clerk's office on December 10, 2009, announcing their intent to create a ballot initiative for a taxpayer subsidized 49ers stadium. However, at the city council meeting of 1/12/2009, she formally withdrew her support for that ballot initiative by reading this statement.

Aldyth Parle withdraws her support for the 49ers Ballot Initiative at the 1/14/2010 city council meeting