49ers Santa Clara Stadium Parking - Spots for 50% of Fans Identified

49ers Santa Clara Stadium parking lots

Thanks to Great America Amusement Park completely caving to the wishes of the city of Santa Clara and the team - they will close any day the stadium is used - the San Francisco 49ers now have just under 50% of the minimum number of spaces - 21,000 - that they think they will need for their Santa Clara stadium. 10,272 parking spaces found, 10,728 Santa Clara 49ers Stadium parking spaces needed. So far no commercial building in the area has agreed to allow 49ers (and probably Raiders) fans to park in their lot on Sundays. Mission College will likely relinquishh most of their spaces. But after that there are still big question marks as to whether enough commercial buildings will allow stadium parking. As it stands now, just about all those spaces will be quite a hike from the stadium. But then maybe that walk will be a great way to work off some of the nacho cheese, hotdogs and beer those in the regular seats have consumed, and the sushi, lobster and champagne downed in the club seat lounges.

Neighborhood Parking will not be available

Although the Santa Clara San Francisco 49ers stadium will have residential neighborhoods to the south and east, 49ers fans will not be able to park in those neighborhoods. There will be police checkpoints set up at game time to prevent anyone but residents from entering those neighborhoods. So to park there a 49er fan would need a friend in the neighborhood who is willing to allow him to use that address for his California Drivers License.

Use the map below to help the San Francisco 49ers find over 10,000 parking spots