Mayor Mahan and Council, I am requesting that you reconsider item 6B from the December 15, 2009 Council meeting, which had to do with the stadium ballot Initiative.

My reason is that I was a co-signer on the Initiative, but I think the Initiative is unnecessary. I believe that Santa Clarans should vote on the proposed football stadium. It is a huge and long-term commitment of public funds, and Santa Clara voters should make that decision.

When I was first approached about signing the Initiative, Council had not yet committed to putting the stadium on the ballot. And I was told the Initiative was the only way to ensure that it would go before the voters.

In early December, due to family illness, I was not able to attend the Council meetings. I was not aware that Council approved putting the stadium on ballot before the Initiative was presented.

It is important for city staff to draft the ballot language to ensure that information is accurate, unbiased, and that an appropriate ballot name is used. I believe this is the more appropriate approach and one I strongly support. I do not support the Initiative as an alternative to a staff-drafted option. And I was not able to be here in December to voice my objection to my name being used on an alternative to a ballot statement written by city staff.

If the council decides not to reconsider this item and staff's ballot language is not used, then I ask that my name be removed from the Initiative, as I do not support this as an alternative.

I also ask that this request be included in the public record so it is clear that my involvement was only to ensure that Santa Clarans will be able to vote on the proposed stadium.

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