Reason #6 - The economic impact of the stadium is minimal

Will Kennedy speaks to Santa Clara Plays Fair (id SCvoter on
on Reason #6 of the top 10 reasons to Vote No on Santa Clara Measure J

The 49ers' consultants prepared a report which admits that the city's "economic activity" and "personal earnings" will increase by only 1/1000 as a result of the stadium. The impact on our city is a "drop in the bucket." Many Santa Clara companies provide much more to our city's economy, without asking for a subsidy or city involvement of any kind. Also, only about 1% of the stadium construction spending will occur in Santa Clara.

Source: Memorandum to Ron Garratt, Assistant City Manager, June 1, 2007.
Source: New 49ers Stadium Economic Impact Analysis, CSL (49ers' consultants)