Santa Clara Measure J results - Money talks

briefcase full of money

The final yes vote percentage was even higher than the latest poll done near the end of May. This follows the trend of a higher yes percentage with each poll as the 49ers misinformation campaign proceeded. And it is closer to the 66% yes vote margin the last poll saw from absentee/mail-in voters.

Measure J Results

The $4,010,345.49 spent through May 22, 2010 by the San Francisco 49ers amounts to $357.09 per yes vote. But in June 2009, before the 49ers had spent a dime on propaganda, there were already 30% of Santa Clarans ready to vote yes. 30% of the 18,840 people who voted (40.6% of registered voters) is 5,652. So the 49ers propaganda picked up 5,579 votes. Which means the 49ers spent $718.83 cents through May 22 (final total will be higher) for each of the yes votes that they picked up from their advertising campaign. At some point it will become illegal to buy votes with propaganda, but for now, the 49ers used that capability very effectively. And for Santa Claran voters, they apparently weren't aware of that ancient proverb that still rings true today - "Be careful when a sports team and politicians get in bed together and repeatedly tell you what to wish for".